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Mindfully Grateful This Season

I started this month a little overwhelmed and stressed. But now I feel so much better after creating a list of what I am grateful for this month. It took a staff meeting and lots of reflection time to get here. However, I am now more aware of how thankful I am for so many things.

From the small things, like hot water on a cold night to waking up in the morning for another day. I feel it's important to list out some of my list here to share.

1. To all of my clients near and far, old and new, I feel grateful that you let me in your life to help you along your way.

2. To all of my friends near and far, old and new, thank you for helping me figure myself out in order to be a better human.

3. To my son, who always finds a way to make me laugh and helps me open my heart more each day, I thank you for showing me how to be a more mindful mother.

4. To the people who have helped me raise my son, I am forever grateful for your loving presence in our lives.

5.To my colleagues, I know that I would not have survived any of my therapeutic work path without you to help me keep it all in perspective.

6. Lastly, to my family, for your constant supportive presence in my life, no matter where I go and no matter what crazy ideas I have to try.

There are many more reasons to be grateful that I will add as this month moves on. Stay tuned and stay mindful!

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